Smoky Eyes KAJAL Eyeliner Solid Thick

Shenzhen Marvell technology co., LTD

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Color :Blue,Black,Brown
Net Weight: 3.8g
Shelf Life :3 years

Package Included:
1* KAJAL Eyeliner

Now get the perfect shaping of eyes as with Kajal black Gel eyeliner but now in more colors. This is a must-have. 

  • it's a unique Arabian and Kajal will sexy graphically define your eyes-fascination. 
  • It contains vitamin e, so you have that beautifully smooth look will be always. 
  • the gel smoky effect will create a sensory effect. 
  • and it easy glazes on your eyes, with no more having that chuck finish.  
  • And the blush unique form will prevent it from being too thick or too thin. You will always have the perfect shape every time.
  • And Kajal-Kohi better understanding of our hearts. 

So get it today, and let them wonder, how are your eyes are so alluring.  Let them start wondering. Get it today.

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